A Bonefish for Christmas

Seems a tall order… to get a bonefish for Christmas… but that’s what I got.

Ceramic Beauty

Ceramic Beauty

This bonefish was created by Fred Gordon, artist and guide up in Dunsmuir, CA.  Fred is as talented on the river as he is in the studio.

About a decade ago I was just really getting into fly fishing.  My dad had a day scheduled with Fred for closing day on the McCloud for what promised to be a great father-son trip.  Unfortunately, my dad then fell off a ladder and broke all sorts of bones that would be needed for a day on the water.  Fred and I went out by ourselves.  It was a magical day.  Fred taught me how to tight-line nymph, a technique that is deadly in the free-stone, pocket-water rivers of Northern CA.  I had 20-25 fish that day, including a couple browns around 20″.  It was a day that changed my life.  Before that day, fly fishing was a lot of fun.  After that day, fly fishing was an obsession.

We have three of Fred’s trout on our wall and  now, a bonefish.

Merry Christmas all.

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  1. Very nice – that thing looks beautiful.

  2. You need some of his stuff Andrew. He does beautiful trout, salmon… all sorts of fish. He’s one hell of a guide too.

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