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I subscribe to the Cheap Caribbean newsletter/emails mostly because I like to be reminded of the places I won’t be going.

Still, this stood out… 4 nights in GBI, air included, for $339.  That may be the best deal for bonefish out there. The deal may not even be on by the time this runs, but it is fun to think about.

Of course… you get there, you need a car, at the very least.  A guide is also a really good idea, at least for a day.  That tends to push the cost up dramatically (guides there run $450 for a full day). The fantasy of the idea is way, way cheaper, of course.

Grand Bahama

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  1. Sounds great but comming from Australia theres not many cheap ways to go chase bones we have them in WA but the guides there charge about $800 aday .Just about to book a trip to Aitutaki if I can get the money together might sell my wedding ring (hope she doesnt see this)

  2. Bjorn, going to Key West 19 – 23 Sep, if you can scrape together airfare and $400 for lodging etc I’ve got a guide for 2 days.

  3. That would be kind of awesome, but September is a huge month for the startup I work at… those kinds of flats dreams are on hold. I really, really appreciate the offer though.

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