Surf Perch Day

I’m a fan of global warming in one sense and wish it would hurry on up so that our waters off of Santa Cruz might be in the 70’s and I could catch bonefish an hour’s drive away.  Alas, that’s not the reality I’m living in and I’m told such a change would take thousands of years… so, I have my car running right now, in the driveway and I’m eating only beans in the hopes that the  added CO2 and methane will speed things.

Until then, and also until I hit the lottery, I won’t be bonefishing this weekend, but will, instead, be taking my 8 wt. to the coast near Santa Cruz in the hopes of a) not dying, and b) getting a surf perch on the fly.

Should be interesting and terrifying.  The idea of 4 foot swells, while standing thigh deep… well… I’ve done the math and it doesn’t seem favorable (although I never was really good at math).

Oh... great. I wish I was in South Andros.

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