A tournament I might like

Out here on the West Coast there are a few fishing tournaments, but not many.  Most anglers never get within casting range of one.

I’ve been seeing some news about a tournament out in FL that sounds a bit more like my kind of thing.  The Salt Fly tournament is a

“low barrier to entry, grass roots tournament design to encourage the interest and growth of saltwater fly fishing. The demographics is wide ranging. The
first sold out roster included beginners, local fisherman, guides and even contestants flying in from far away as Colorado and Boston.”

See? That sounds kind of cool, right?

They’ve got some nice sponsorships, like Scott, G Loomis, TFO, Nautilus, Yeti, Scientific Anglers, Costa, Hells Bay and Simms (and, of course, Skinny Water Culture).

Now, I’m not ready to fly out to Tampa for this just yet (and they are sold out anyway). Still… I might think about this in the future. If nothing else, it sounds like a great party.


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  1. Sam Root puts on one hell of a party, for sure. Low cost of entry, huge range to fish, and fly only makes this my favorite tournament of the year.

    The best part is that is is catch and release only. The winner is the team with total inches of two reds and a trout. Photo evidence, reviewed by Sam, is the proof of size.

    If you want to come over and fish it you had better be lucky or get on a two person team that already has a slot. This years roster was filled in less than half a day. There is a priority system implemented – the teams who fished it last year had first dibs on this years roster. But it is expanding every year!

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