Redfishing looks kind of fun

I’ve caught a few carp and while I have seen them wagging tails like a bonefish, I have not experienced other bonefish-like qualities. They say they are there, but for me, those qualities prove elusive.

I have not been redfishing. However, my sense of it is more like bonefishing than, say, carp fishing. It seems like a mix between bonefishing and fishing for jacks.

I’d like to do it. Of course, I’d also like to go to the hundreds of places I could bonefish that I have yet to visit, so I’m torn.

The SWC guys recently went to NOLA for some Reds and… well… it just reinforces my interest in doing that.

Derek with a very nice looking Red.

Derek with a very nice looking Red.

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  1. kevin carmichael

    I have been telling you that for two years now…..NOLA is a great trip…great food, great music, great fishing….

  2. I’ve enjoyed your blog for some time – if you ever make it to SW Fla, you and your folk (wife, kid) are welcome to a seat on my boat and shots at as many redfish and snook as you would like to catch.

    For the record, reds aren’t as fast as bonefish, but they are way more fun than jacks. Snook will make you forget that bonefish exist (not really, but they are great fun) . . .

  3. Cheers Travis. I will let you know. I’d love to hit the water down there at some point.

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