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On Sunday I called out Capt. Blair at Addictive Fishing for a video with some really bad bonefish handling. He replied today.


Hope you show Flip, Stu, Rick and many other fishing show host from many years ago doing things they don’t do any more either as well.

I believe that was the first and last time I held a bone in that manner.
I was following what the guides were doing at the time down in the keys. Boga Grips were promoted to use then, but not now and haven’t used one for many years.
Feel free to use my response to your e-mail when you are “making an example”.
Certainly, he has a point.  As the science has come out, we have changes our behaviors. So, I’m very glad to hear that Capt. Blair no longer thinks this is acceptable.  That’s good news.
What still bugs me is that this example of horrible handling is still live with no disclaimers or retractions. If someone watches that today they will think “this is how it must be done.” It is a teachable moment that teaches the wrong lessons. It is an opportunity to move things in the right direction.
At least we all agree this is not the right way to do it.

At least we all agree this is not the right way to do it.

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  1. Good new from Captain Blair.

  2. True… but have to agree w/ Bjorn here: there’s nothing on that vid that makes it clear that mistakes were made or even a simple statement about when the show was first aired—you know, like lots of recycled TV shows do when they’re finally posted for free online.

    Of course, 2004 wasn’t that long ago.

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