Adopt a Bonefish

From the good pages over at Moldy Chum.

Adopt a Culebra Bonefish!  We need to raise $19,500 for 30 transmitters to implant in bonefish, with purchase and deployment of each tag costing $650.  Please consider Adopting a Bonefish as part of this project.  As a thank-you, we will name the bonefish tagged in your honor, and you’ll receive a thank-you packet, including a photograph of the bonefish and its personal details, (length, weight, sex when known), as well as bi-yearly updates on their fish’s status!

Contact Dr. Andy Danylchuk ( to adopt your bonefish today.

Of course, I did an interview with Andy.

If you care about bones, consider giving some coin to Andy so he can keep doing his good work.

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  1. Enjoy your blog very much.
    How about smaller donations? i am prepared to consider buying a “tail” say $20/30 . only pay by paypal or credit card on strict limit.

  2. Great program ,super professional with some really interesting results already starting to come in. can’t recommend this enough!

  3. Yeah, I don’t think I’m buying a tag… I could part with $100 though. I’ll write Andy about that.

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