Choosing your RIO Bonefish Line

I have fished a lot of the RIO lines for bonefishing. I’ve done that for two reasons… 1. They are a quality company making quality lines, and 2. They tend to send them to me.

Recently, they sent this video clip with Simon from RIO talking about how to select your Rio bonefishing line. This is a question I get asked from time to time and I agree with everything said here. I have not fished the general purpose cold water saltwater line, but I have fished the standard and quick shooter bonefishing lines.

The only other thing I’d add is that the quick shooter is not an ideal line for fishing from a boat. The shorter head means more running line and that running line has a way of not behaving really well when the wind comes up and it is laying there on the deck. So, if you are going to wade a lot, like, primarily wade, the quick shooter is a good option. You see those fish in closer and need to load your rod more quickly. Today’s rods tend to be very fast and it can sometimes be hard to load a rod with only 10 feet of line out. The quickshooter makes that a bit easier.

The standard line doesn’t tangle on the deck so easy, making it better for boat fishing, but it also can be harder to load a rod with if you see the fish in tight.

So, here’s the video. Hope it helps.

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  1. I used the Rio Clouser saltwater line in Hawaii. I liked it. It has a little heavier head so it loads quickly enough, but it seemed long enough to fish well on a boat. Plus it will throw the weighted flies pretty good.

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