Assume attack formation

My flies… lining up for battle.

These are my glass back reverse bunny gotchas. I love them so.

I think they are sexy.

I think they are sexy.

I seem to tie this pattern more often than I tie anything else. I just kind of love how they look. Can’t help it.

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  1. Fly-tying picture fail: no Kalik in pic 🙂

  2. Hard to get a Kalik here in California… very hard.

  3. Bjorn
    You have it bad, bud!!!
    Talk to some one – not me, I have the same “illness”

  4. Any idea where I can get 1/2 dozen or dozen of reverse bunny gotchas?
    I can’ t tie at all

  5. This is just getting off the ground, but you can actually buy those exact flies here:

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