March 15-22 – Ragged Island… it’s on

yes please.

I wrote a week or two ago about wanting to go to Ragged. Well, I’m going to Ragged, hosting a trip there March 15-22nd. This should be a very interesting trip and I’m very much looking forward to it. There are only 4 spots open (and two may be taken already).

There is no regular air service. That means there is no parade of tourists. There are only 68 people on the whole island. You aren’t going to share the flat with another lodge… there is no other lodge.

Not that many people have been to Ragged. It’s unique like that. The few who have been there liked it. I hear good things.

There are downsides. Ragged is not a place with the classic Bahamian guides who have casts like butter, but smoother. The guides here are fisherman, “boatmen.” The food should be standard Bahamian fare, but it won’t be fancy. You trade the excellent guides for unfished waters with uneducated bonefish. It is a bit like exploring, but with a couple of Beavertail skiffs.

We’ll fly into Exuma and take a charter from there to Ragged on the 15th. We’ll head back on the 22nd.  The cost of this trip is $2,495, plus the charter from Exuma ($600 each).

Lightly explored waters on a lightly populated Bahamian paradise. Sounds pretty good, no?



  1. Hi Bjorn, I’m interested in Ragged. What do I do next?

  2. I sent an email. Let’s chat!

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