Belize… the difference between passing and making laws

Belize has passed some great laws protecting bonefish, permit and tarpon. That’s great.  Way to go Belize. Passing laws like that is not easy.

However… enforcement lags behind and there are some real threats out there in Belizean waters right now.  Case in point is the matter of a boat, fishing out of San Pedro, that appears to be netting permit, killing permit and selling permit. (thanks for the link Adam)

Authorities have been alerted (thanks in part to the co-owner of El Pescador), but nothing has come of it. While there is a law passed to protect permit, it is not a reality in some of the waters around Ambergris.

So… Come on Belize. Put some teeth in there.


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  1. I just returned from two days on the flats @ Cangrejo Cay. I will follow-up if my guide has anything to add.

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