Tarpon. There’s an app for that? Whoa.

Did you know that the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust has an APP?  Yeah… they do.

It is called “Tarpon Master” and it helps you calculate the weight of that big, huge tarpon without taking it out of the water, dragging it up onto the boat, damaging its internal organs and killing the wonderful brute because you wanted to get a scale on it.

Yeah… I’m going to say that this is kind of awesome.


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  1. Would be handy if they could do the same thing for bones! I know length-weight tables exist, but I can never remember them when traveling. Would be really handy if BTT would include a few of their conservation brochures (like C&R Guidelines in the same app along with membership information. In some areas of the world, cell phone reception is pretty good. Good way to show people what BTT is, and what they offer. FD

  2. A bonefish and permit app is in the works. Stay tuned.

  3. Looking forward to that, Aaron!

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