Bonefish by Dan Sharley

I dig on bonefish art. I have some art up in my house. Really, my new wife had no idea that I would want to put so much fish-related art up and she’s been a very good sport about it all.

I have no found artistic abilities and maybe that is why I gravitate toward the artistic. There is some school of psychology that says we are drawn toward those traits we lack in ourselves. I tend to subscribe to that idea and I can see how that may have played out in my own life.

I saw the art of Dan Sharley over at Midcurrent and I got in touch with Dan to see if I could post up one of his paintings.  He responded and consented, which was very nice of him.  One of these might make a very nice Christmas gift, don’t you think?

I’d like to drop a gotcha right in there.

I asked Dan what he used as a model for these bonefish and here is what he said:

The Bonefish painting, like most of my work, is based on an imagined scene or composition. It’s probably a result of watching way too many fishing shows and reading way too many fishing magazines. Basically, I suffer from fish on the brain. I’ll use photos simply for reference (i.e., fins in the right places, scale shapes, eye color, etc.). The rest is pretty much my imagination at work. 

Great stuff Dan.

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  1. I bet she didn’t know you we’re a bone-head!

  2. I don’t Know about that…. I am an artist and love looking at art work. I have seen Dans art, It is wonderful this is one of my favorite… and yes it gets your blood pumping and all I can think about dropping a shrimp imitation about 5 feet in front of them!

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