Introducing, Fly Tying Station 5000

I’m looking forward to this…

This is going to be good.

With most of my tying materials semi-organized in those binders, and a desk that can simply be closed up, as opposed to taken out to the garage, I’m thinking I’m entering a new era in my personal fly tying history.


At Frank’s suggestion, I’m putting up my old fly tying station… I’ll call it the Fly Tying Station Sub-Alpha.

The best money can buy.

Now you can see exactly why I’m so up on this upgrade.

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  1. That looks nice and tidy. Do you have the material stored alphebetically?

  2. No… but it would be good if I brought a little organization to the actual binders… probably by type of material instead of by alphabet… it’s kind of all over the map now… and, when I was unpacking I found another binder’s worth of material that needs a home. Also need a light for the desk, but beyond that… I’m ready to roll.

  3. Organizing by type is good… but then you forgo any chance of those little surprises that happen when you discover something super-cool that you bought like 3 years ago, but forgot you had and have been lusting over down at the old flyshop every time you visit but (luckily) couldn’t let yourself buy or now you’d have two of them. You know.

    What’s more interesting to me is how you organize material for traveling (or don’t you take vise-and-materials on your trips)? I like to pack mine in baggies by fly-type — crab flies, gotcha’s, streamers, etc — with the eyes, hooks, hardware in one. That way if I’m out of Merkins (for example) I just grab the crab bag and hardware bag. No searching through stuff.

  4. Ya know, I don’t bring my tying stuff with me… just too much stuff to worry about. Don’t want to fly with head cement and scissors, don’t want to worry about anything once I’m off the water except beer and dinner. I tie before I go and the trip is the trip. Not that I haven’t run out of something, but, when trout fishing, I can always find a fly shop if I’m out of the magic fly… usually.

    I’m digging the tying station… before I had some ply wood that I’d set on our dining room table… easy to pick up and get out of the way from prying, 3 year old fingers. This is a huge, huge step up for me. Used to be my desk I’d use for telecommuting, but, since I’m not doing a lot of formal, 9/5 kind of work, I don’t really need it for that.

  5. Bjorn, You have to post a picture of your old tying bench. It will help people appreciate the new desk even more.

  6. I think I have a pic of that somewhere… it was pretty classic.

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