Bonefish Tips by Dick Brown

I’m late to the bonefishing game, really.  A lot of the luminaries of the sport are folks I still haven’t heard of… if they missed the internet revolution, I likely missed them.  Slowly, I’m coming to understand who some of the big players are, and why.

If, like me, you are new to bonefishing, one guy you likely have heard of is Dick Brown.  He’s written two seminal works, Fly Fishing for Bonefish and Bonefish Fly Patterns.  I have the former and now I have to find the latter.  There are basically three books that get recommended to new bonefish anglers, Dick’s, then there is Fly-Fishing for Bonefish (I have this one) by Chico Fernandez and Dr. Aaron Adams, and the last of the holy bonefish trinity is Bonefishing! (don’t have this one) by Randall Kaufmann (this last one is hard to get your hands on).

Dick Brown has his own website and on that website he has a section with tips.  Tips from Dick Brown… that sounds worth taking a look at.


Dick Brown, probably on his way to catch some bones.

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  1. Had the good fortune to meet Dick Brown in RI at a Save the Bay seminar last winter. Bought the latest version of his book. I managed to get Kaufmanns latest version on Amazon, used but in excell cond at a substantial discount.

    We need someone to write a Bahamas guide for the DIY angler.
    Go to it Bjorn.

  2. Oh, I’d LOVE to do that… but there is NO way I’d get enough time to do it… it would take me 10 -15 years and possibly some blackmail material against my wife!

    There are so many interesting characters out there… that’s one of the things I like about bonefishing and my late entry, it is like a whole new world from the world of trout fishing I know.

  3. There is a guide by Stephen Vletas called The Bahamas Fly Fishing Guide that covers most of the DIY options in the Bahamas. It is a great resource for anyone headed to the Bahamas.

  4. Thanks Ross. I have it. Good book.

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