Deneki Shares Bruce Chard's Set-Up

Bruce Chard is a flats guide of some reputation (the good kind from what I gather).  He teaches a bonefishing school in connection with Deneki Outdoors, so he has some bonefishy knowledge to drop.  Deneki recently tweeted a link to Bruce’s gear… all the way down to the knots.

I don’t know Bruce, but I think we’d get along.  His rod is a Ross Worldwide Essence FW 7wt.  That’s a $220 rod.  The Sage Xi3 may be a hell of a rod, but at $695 it is also spendy.  Now, we usually associate Ross with reels, but they entered the rod business a few years ago and their rods have been scoring pretty well by “those that know.”  Ross is also “Made in the USA,” which makes them a rare bird indeed these days.

Bruce also prefers the non-slip loop knot as his tippet-to-fly knot.  I just learned the knot and used it to catch a few fish out of the Truckee River throwing streamers last weekend.  Pretty easy knot and one I know I should have been using for ages.

Some info on Bruce’s school…

Time for School!

Doesn't that look like a nice place for class?

I would probably like this…

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  1. Bjorn,
    I too like a loop knot for most of my fishing, but have had much better luck with the Rapala knot vs. the standard non slip loop. Virtually identical to tie and the Rapala has never failed me.

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