Bonefishing with the Fam

About a month ago I got to go to the Bahamas with my family. It was fantastic. We opted for Grand Bahama since it had some things for the grandparents and was really easy to get to. The math made it work in terms of finding good accommodations, decent flights and me knowing where to find at least a few bonefish.

Gink and Gasoline recently went to the Bahamas on a family trip too. They went more off the beaten path, DIY and to Cat Island.

They have a really good write up about their trip. If you have kids and are thinking about including them in your next trip instead of leaving them at home, you should check it out.

A favorite flat, even if I've never hooked a fish there.

A favorite flat, even if I’ve never hooked a fish there.

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  1. It is a definite talent to disguise your fishing trips as family holidays !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing, that’s great you were able to successfully combine a family and fishing vacation. I was able to fish for bones for the first time on Andros this spring, but the kids didn’t make the journey. I understand the addiction!

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