Bucaneers and Bones, Season 2

Maybe this got by you, or maybe your DVR is lined up already. The second season of Buccaneers and Bones is out and live and (maybe) coming to a TV/other viewing platform near you.

The location appears to be a return to Deep Water Cay in Grand Bahama.

Of course, this is done in partnership through the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust, a worthy organization doing pretty awesome things for bonefish conservation (and tarpon and permit and the ocean in general).

I wish I could watch this show… but as of riiiiiiight now, I don’t get this channel, which seems nearly impossible given how much we pay a month for this damn cable.

(OK, I just added those channels to my lineup).



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  1. It’s a solid show. Definitely the best show to see a lot of bonefishing. It’s a bunch of celebrities who make me feel good about my casting abilities, but bad about how much better their life is than mine. We cancelled cable a few months ago after having twins since we have next to no time to actually watch TV, and the $100 a month wasn’t worth it to us.

  2. That reminds me, did Flip Pallot start making TV vids again? His Walker Cay Chronicles were the best fishing shows made, in my opinion.

  3. Rick Vander Meulen


    Thanks… but damn you. Thanks for the tv show idea. Upon quickly checking my cable channel line up, fortunately I have the outdoor channel. Damn you for adding those shows to your line up b/c my wife said you could have our channels in exchange for your bonefish trip in April. Plus she said I could go on my own.

    Nice Post.

  4. I managed to both add the channel today and unintentionally delete my soccer channel. Still not sure how that happened. Now I have to get that back.

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