Colton Harris Bonefishing in Abaco?

#UPDATE# – Colton Harris was caught today in the Bahamas… I had a feeling this would be the end… he wasn’t even fishing! Read more here.

I read the first story in Outside Magazine a while ago and caught news today via the OM Facebook page about a possible update on Colton Harris, teenage criminal mastermind and modern day Robbin Hood (without the benevolence or otherwise good intentions).

Seems Colton may have stolen a plane in Indiana and flown to Abaco… where he promptly crashed.  The kid taught himself to fly, but has yet to get a hang of the landing part.

From the Black Fly Bonefish Club:

@BFBonefishClub :Much excitement over the barefoot bandit landing in our frontyard at the lodge. Local hog hunters were not successful in finding him.

Let’s see… a 6’5″ white kid roaming around Abaco?  How long could the kid really hold out?  I’m guessing he’ll be sticking out a bit when he isn’t crashing in the vacation homes of wealthy Americans who may have second/third/fourth homes in the Bahamas.

I didn’t see a fly rod in this picture…

Hi... I'll be staying at your Abaco beach house, if that's OK with yoou... and even if it isn't.

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