Where am I going to put the new flies I’m tying for Hawaii?  Hmmmm…

Not a lot of room in there.

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  1. Bugger box

  2. Those are not going to be your small bonefish. So don’t be afarid to go bigger. My smallest fly here on Aitutaki is a size 2 and the fish are pretty comparable. They like a meal.

  3. These boxes are pretty much untouched from Andros… so… big flies, pretty much all tied by me. Lots of 2’s, some 1/0’s in there with a mix of 4’s and 6’s too.

  4. Bjorn,
    Leave most of your your size 4’s & 6’s at home, some will be fine for really skinny water. Size 2 & 1/0’s are the go to sizes here. What’s more important for Hawaii will be your leader/tippet. 16 & 20# is typical for all that damn coral…leave the 8 # test in the Bahamas.

  5. Yeah… I’m bringing the meat and heavy tippet. Maybe I should take out those #6’s though. That will make some room.

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