Development Trumps Bonefish

Saw a story on Moldy Chum about a mangrove-crushing, environment-destroying developments in New Providence.  It isn’t pretty and the good folks at Secret Soul Fly Fishing Adventures (Aaron Bain and Clint Kemp) are pretty pissed about it… and you should be too.

You can read the whole story here from The Tribune.

It seems like over-development is a real emerging issue all throughout the Caribbean.  I would have thought that this little economic blip we are coming out of would have stopped a few thousand bulldozers and chain saws, but it continues.  I’ve read stories about development threatening Bimini and fears about development in Belize.

This makes me grumpy.

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  1. I saw the development on Bimini firsthand in 2005. They had cut a big gash through one of the north island flats to build a deepwater channel for big yachts to make it up to some new development up there. Was sickening.

  2. Yes! This happens around here too believe it or not….I can’t stand development like that!

  3. That chit sucks! I always imagine what Florida used to look like before it was all seawalls. Makes me sad

  4. looking to fish for bone on the week of 11th 2010 of april staying on paridise island email me thanks brian 203 913 8456

  5. Hey Brian, I think the outfit mentioned above, Secret Soul, is a pretty well regarded outfit. Follow the link and give them a call.

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