Feb 13

Adopt a Bonefish

From the good pages over at Moldy Chum.

Adopt a Culebra Bonefish!  We need to raise $19,500 for 30 transmitters to implant in bonefish, with purchase and deployment of each tag costing $650.  Please consider Adopting a Bonefish as part of this project.  As a thank-you, we will name the bonefish tagged in your honor, and you’ll receive a thank-you packet, including a photograph of the bonefish and its personal details, (length, weight, sex when known), as well as bi-yearly updates on their fish’s status!

Contact Dr. Andy Danylchuk (danylchuk@eco.umass.edu) to adopt your bonefish today.

Of course, I did an interview with Andy.

If you care about bones, consider giving some coin to Andy so he can keep doing his good work.

Aug 12

Some cool permit action from the Chum

I saw this a few weeks ago over at Moldy Chum and I thought “damn… that is cool.”

A permit from Puerto Rico, caught and fitted with an acoustic transmitter. Very fine work conducted by Dr. Andy Danylchuk and team.

Well done.

Funny thing… I met El Guapo from the Chum at the party industry show. There, he says, “You know who I’m meeting after this is Andy Danylchuk. I want to introduce you to him. You should come along.”

Awesome. I got to hear about it first hand and I’m going to try to do some things on the conservation front with Dr. Andy.

… and that is why you go to the show.

Apr 11

Moldy Chum and Norman, the South Andros Guide

A post from Eric of Moldy Chum about Andros South Guide Norman.  I fished with Norman one of the days I was there… he’s good at what he does.

If I were to guess, Norman is probably in his mid-thirties. It’s hard to tell though, as most guides on the island are in pretty g’damn good shape. When he’s not hunting Walter on the Westside, he owns and operates a nightclub just south of Congotown.

via Fly Fishing | Blog | Photos | Podcasts | Travel | Gear | and More – Moldy Chum – Bonefish, 7 o’clock – 20 feet.


Norman picking out a fly. Photo - Shadow River Media, Cameron Miller

Photo – Shadow River Media, Cameron Miller


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Jun 10

Bonefish Census

Saw a story this morning on Moldy Chum about the (FL) Bonefish Census.

I wonder if they sent armies of old guys out to the flats where no bonefish were counted to ask why they had not returned their census… might have something to do with the higher numbers.

May 10

Missing Shoes

I saw a really cool video posted on Moldy Chum (that guy posts so much quality stuff on there, it really is mind boggling) from a guy named Trapper Rudd.  Turns out the guy has an outfitter and a mostly forgotten about blog.  One story on the blog was about the trash that washes up on the beautiful beaches of Mexico and the mystery of the single shoes.  Interesting.

As I write this the Gulf Coast is bracing for that oil slick to hit.  Makes me a bit sick to the stomach to think what it will do to some really beautiful country I have never had a chance to fish.  Let’s shed a tear and raise a glass to the Gulf Coast and find a way to help.

Apr 10

Tag Ends – 4-23-10

Some bits and pieces from around the web.

  • The Vieques Angler points out the parallels to Belize.
  • Headhunter’s blog gives more love to the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust interview from Fishing Jones.
  • An AWESOME story from Moldy Chum about a first bonefish.
  • A Bad Backcast looks forward to some kayak tarpon action.

In other news, my interviews for the coming weeks are Bill Marts from The Fly Shop and…. Yvon Chouinard from Patagonia.  I do one a week, so Bill in next week and Yvon will follow.

Apr 10

The Bahamas Need You

I’m sure the Keys need you too… and Hawaii… and just about everywhere… so, take that tax refund and book a trip somewhere, anywhere.

When I was in Grand Bahama in January it was clear business was way, way off.  Folks looked surprised to  have a yank walk in mid-week.  The guide I booked for one day didn’t have another booking for a month.

I saw Moldy Chum call out the numbers… the business of bonefish has been hit 30%-50% over the past two years.

That guide that’s been hard to book might be a little easier to book.

Give Captain Perry a call.  He’s fantastic.

Captain Perry

Mar 10

Tag Ends – 3/20/10

A few bits and pieces from around the web…

Mar 10

Development Trumps Bonefish

Saw a story on Moldy Chum about a mangrove-crushing, environment-destroying developments in New Providence.  It isn’t pretty and the good folks at Secret Soul Fly Fishing Adventures (Aaron Bain and Clint Kemp) are pretty pissed about it… and you should be too.

You can read the whole story here from The Tribune.

It seems like over-development is a real emerging issue all throughout the Caribbean.  I would have thought that this little economic blip we are coming out of would have stopped a few thousand bulldozers and chain saws, but it continues.  I’ve read stories about development threatening Bimini and fears about development in Belize.

This makes me grumpy.

Nov 09

Objectum – Bumper Sticker?

I am not sure how I don’t have one of these…


Honestly... how do I not have one of these?

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