I saw a little blurb on The Trout Underground that implied fly fishing for trout is better than fly fishing for cuda’s because of the injuries sustained to the guy below by a 4 foot cuda that sliced through his arm. Here’s a link to the full story.

See, I kind of see it as the exact opposite.  That there is a possibility you could get attacked by a flying 4 foot cuda is kind of exciting. There is some really crazy stuff out there in the ocean… stuff with sharp, pointy fangs. I like that. The ocean is dangerous. It is wild in a way that included people.  That’s one of the draws.

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  1. Man is a soft skin animal, ask any apex predator.

  2. You can’t compare the two venues or their quarry. Each is awesome for its own reasons, not as opposed to each other.

  3. Not to worry… I’m not serious about that… just having some fun.

  4. I’m not serious either… ever, except when I say that Cudas and sharks and stingrays and crocs and scorpion fish and jelly fish and, oh, pretty much everything in the ocean make it dangerous as hell and therefore very cool and manly and generally bad-ass. To be fair I suppose trout fishing does have its own dangers, like stinging nettles, poison ivy, and elk… ok, fine, bears too. Thankfully none of us are so crass as to suggest that how dangerous something is dictates its level of coolness. We are much more enlightened than that.

    (Cudas rule.)


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