One trip

I was asked at a customer site yesterday “If I had one place to go, where would I pick?” and it was an easy answer.

There are some really fantastic places… Andros… Xmas… Los Roques…

But, if I were going ONE place right now, and money were not an options, I’m pretty sure I’d be on a plane right now on my way to St. Brandon’s Atoll.

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  1. lets plan a trip!

  2. Sounds good to me; but have to admit I still love going to Christmas. Can find excellent fishing there year-round. Not sure of exact location of St. Brandon’s …. but if it is close to the equator …. Let’s go!

  3. Oh, I’d LOVE to go… but… time and money (that pesky bastard) ARE issues… alas.

    Looks kind of super awesome though.

  4. enormous fish at proportionate price. Looks great, but what about the pirates? An issue out there?

  5. The Pirates are up North, not that far South. The mother ship trips in the Seychelles are on hold, although there are some pretty outstanding looking land-based options there, but St. Brandons is too far South for the Somali’s to make… at least so far.

  6. has any one heard of a place called AITUTAKI

  7. Yes… Yes I have… many times. I want to go there for sure. Looks beautiful and the fish are big… but St. Brandons… yeah, if I had a week to live, I’d do it there.

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