DIY – A new resource

Well, I just found a new site on the ole’ interwebs and I thought it might be something many of the BOTB readers might find really interesting.

DIY Flats Fishing.

If you are a DIYer, this is certainly, certainly worth a perusal.

Do It Yourself Flats Fishing is your #1 source on the web for DIY fly fishermen who like to chase those magical fish found on warm water flats.

Our goal is to bring you current information on locations and conditions from around the globe so you can fish and explore on your own using the skills you have developed to catch bonefish, permit, tarpon, snook and redfish


We will provide up to date reports on where to go, the best places to stay, travel and fishing tips and a few tricks we have picked up along the way.

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  1. Cool link, thanks for sharing, Bjorn!

  2. Thanks buddy. Just what I was looking for. You rock!!!!!!!

  3. Hey Bjorn have you had a chance to view this . I thought it was pretty amazing

  4. No… haven’t seen that. Sounds interesting.

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