Dredging Today – Kamalame Cay on Andros

Damn… this doesn’t paint a pretty picture of the goings on at Kamalame Cay on Andros.  Maybe there is more to the story, but it certainly doesn’t sound super fabulous.

An aquatic breeding ground once teeming with marine life that provided food and much-needed cash in a diminished economy, is now barren due to dredging at nearby Kamalame Cay, according to several local fishermen interviewed by The Nassau Guardian.

via Dredging Today – The Bahamas: Residents Concerned About Dredging at Kamalame Cay.

Dredging at Kamalame

Kind of crazy that there even is a “Dredging Today” to find this story in.  I’m sure I benefit from dredging in some ways just like I’m sure I benefit in various ways from clear-cutting and mountain top removal mining, but damn… when folks start talking about dredges on the flats, in the creek mouths… well… it makes me cranky.  That this would happen at a lodge that hosts lots of bonefisherman makes me a bit irate.  Maybe I don’t have the whole picture… and I’d hope I don’t, but this sounds like it kind of sucks.

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  1. Not sure which to be more concerned about – the dredging, or the fact there’s a website devoted to dredging.

  2. Yeah, I had the same thought…

  3. does anyone know about bonefishing in the Indian Ocean?

  4. I’ll look around… see what I can find.

  5. Bjorn, we were there in Dec 2009 and this work was going on then. According to the owners this is part of a development project for Kamalame that will increase the size of their island while offering more weather protection. This is the southermost entrance to their “home” flats and did not seem to have an effect on the bonefishing as we saw lots daily on the rising / falling. We’re headed back to Kamalame in May 2011 and will see if there is any noticable difference in water quality due to the mods.


  6. Hey Glenn, thanks for the comment. From my read the owner thinks the opposition is off base, but some of the locals are pissed… hard to know how things really are, so I appreciate the on-the-ground/water reply. Love to hear what you see in May.

  7. The two likely candidates are the Seychelles, of course, and the Maldives… the Maldives would appear to be kind of hit or miss, mostly miss, but still with some interesting fishing, at least according to this report… https://bonefishonthebrain.com/2010/10/14/born-to-fly-fish-komandoo-maldives/

    The Seychelles, of course, are just lousy with fish.

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