Nautilus NV Ten-Eleven… sweetness

I got the loaner from Nautilus in the mail… what a sweet package to open up.  The NV Ten-Eleven is intended for Tarpon, a species I have never even cast to.  I’ve seen one “in the wild” in a cenote south of Cancun, but I’ve never fished for one… although, if the California Academy of Sciences is game to let me try, I’m up for trying.

The Nautilus NV is just a beautiful piece of fishing hardware… it has a Cork/Carbon Fiber (CCF) drag and is capable of stopping a Super Carrier.

Nautilus NV 10-11

I hope to put this thing to the test on a nice Tarpon down in Belize… that would not suck.

I’ve ordered the Rio Tarpon line with the Camo Tip to go on this bad boy.  I can’t wait to get this bit of fly fishing awesomeness into action.

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  1. Jesper Hultqvist

    Hi! The reel looks great and I bet it performs super! I bought a Nautilus FW+ a couple of months ago for my trout fishing. Haven’t tested it hard yet but it feels promising. And I love how they look!

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