Hosted Trip – Feb 15-22 – Water Cay Lodge, Grand Bahama

In February (2014) I’m going to be doing a trip to Water Cay Lodge, Grand Bahama Island.

I was there, briefly, back in the Spring. I didn’t get to do much fishing, but my girl stuck some jacks and I got to at least check out the lodge, see the water, meet the owner, Sidney. I liked the lodge and loved the location.

There is room for five more anglers. Leave a comment if you want to hear more about it.

A good sign.

A good sign.

The lodge is not a fancy place. It is a place for anglers. It is a place for long days of fishing and a cold beer after you are off the water. There is no shopping. There are no restaurants to walk to. You are on an island off the main island, so you can’t even drive there or from there.

When you are there, you are there with fellow anglers and you are there to fish.

Who wants to go fishing, eh?

Arrival 2/15. Departure 2/22. Fishing every day in-between. Cost is $3,295 per angler.

Here’s a story from Scott Heywood’s blog about Water Cay and head guide Sidney Thomas.


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  1. Hi Bjorn, I am interested in learning more. We are always on a tight budget and this might not be the place for a spouse trip, but I would like to hear the plan anyway. Thanks!

  2. yes I am ,whats the damage per bonehead

  3. Hi Bjorn, Is the Ragged trip still a go? If so. I’m interested. Thank you,

  4. Bjorn,

    I could probably swing 3-4 days, is a shorter stay an option?

  5. I wouldn’t think so, unless there’s another guy who wants to do a shorter trip. Might be… but we’d need to see if it works out that way.

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