Jeremy Wade goes Bonefishing

If you’ve watched River Monsters with Jeremy Wade, maybe you can imagine, with me, what a pitch meeting might look like if Mr. Wade wanted to go bonefishing.

Producer: Hey Jeremy, we are looking for your next idea for River Monsters. What you got for us?


Producer: Bonefish, huh? Do they have sharp bones or something? What’s the body count on these things? They bite anyone’s balls off?


Producer: I’m not getting the “monster” part here, Jeremy. Make the case for me.


Producer: OK, we have sharks. That’s good, but not enough. What else you got for us?


Producer: If you can “almost” get stung by one, that would help. Still, though, not enough. I need more.


Producer: Possibly fatal?


Producer: Your stock is rising, Jeremy, but I’m not getting the “buy” yet. More.


Producer: What are the odds of that?


Producer: Well, that’s better than those shows we suggested you could get killed by tarpon or taiman. Give me one more thing, one more threat, and I’d say you get the green light.


Producer: Happy fishing Jeremy. Go catch a bonefish.

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  1. I always wanted to try bonefishing, but it sounds dangerous.

  2. There’s legends of double digit bones drowning children.

  3. Jeremy's future wife

    LOL … stop being nasty to that beautiful man !

  4. Love that same B-role they play every show, “Fish on, Fish on!”

  5. If he went to Seychelles, there is a fairly real threat of pirates.

  6. They’re also paranormal beings, that have this power to haunt you for the rest of your life… It’s very difficult to erase a memory from a bonefish sighting. And image that will be burned into your brain causing terror for years to come.

  7. This concept may may may be foreign to you, I don’t know, but some fishermen……see it as a leisure-time activity. they do it for fun. when he shot the sturgeon ep, he also went salmon fishing with flies. simply because he never had. it had nothing to do with the main episode’s storyline but most of us don’t care, we just like watching a fishing show about…FISHING. imagine that. if you are able to.

  8. Hmmm… think you might have missed the sarcasm.

  9. Also, love this. I’ve thought the same thing about the tarpon episode. About the only way a tarpon is dangerous is to your bank account, and possibly marriage longevity… although, I guess if you were too cool and sarcastic to wear dorky angler-wear, you might get skin cancer and die. So that’s pretty dangerous.

  10. I thought I was Jeremy’s future wife. Live on Long Island Bahamas where I think he is at this time.

  11. I just returned from a bone fishing trip on the bays, lagoons, and shallow channels between Belize and Mexico–using fly rods only. We caught a variety of fish, but pound for pound, the bone fish has far more fight than most any other in those shallow coastal waters–with the certain exception of the permit. I had my chance, but I did not catch a permit. In addition to many bone fish, we landed numbers of snook, jack (yellow tail and blue), barracuda, snapper, and tarpon. Few sharks. Great snorkeling and diving.

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