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In my eternal search for bonefish content, I stumbled upon an article in Field & Stream about bonefish lodges by John Merwin.  Now, John Merwin likely knows a thing or two about angling, as the list of books attributed to the name would imply.

The places he lists are probably fantastic.  Most are probably still in business (this was from 2006, so, ya never know).  That said, a couple lines from the article stuck in my craw and annoyed me to no end (well, not to NO end, but ya know… just to be dramatic).

Unless you’re a well-traveled Bahamas veteran, there are two rules to follow. First, go to a well-established lodge. Second, use a reputable U.S. sporting-travel agency to make your bookings.

So says John, to which I say “Bah!”  There are scores of DIY, self-guided folks out there who neither require well-established lodges nor US sporting-travel agencies to make their bookings.  If you have the money to do those things, great, it probably would result in a smoother trip more pointed at the heart of success.  However, you no more NEED to go to a lodge and pay someone to book the trip than you NEED to bring an $800 rod.

I guess that’s one of my underlying beliefs… it doesn’t take $5K, it doesn’t take a Sage or an Able.  Bonefish are within reach if you are OK with a bumpy ride, a lumpy mattress and store bought beer.

Just say’n.

Another DIY GBI bonefish

Another DIY GBI bonefish

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  1. I agree you do not need a booking agent to get a good fishing experience in the bahamas actually the commission these agents charge makes some really small nice lodges out of reach for the average fisherman.they say it do not cost you no more to book but what they do not say is that the lodge add this commision on their price just call the lodge and ask for the direct booking price and most will offer the less commision discount price.

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