Fishing with Tom, Fishing Andros, Day 4

I fished with Tom Larimer today and Josie for a guide here in South Andros with Deneki Outdoors.  Tom is a steelhead guy, fishing the Deschutes (among other places).  We had a good time, even if the weather didn’t cooperate for most of the day.

We started off on fire… four fish to hand fairly quickly.  The day was full of promise.

Then… the wind came up, the clouds rolled in and the lights went out.

We didn’t catch another fish and we only saw a few (although one was a pig).

Still… a good time was had.

Tom tied up this fly last night… he called it the “Bahamian Condom” because it is made mostly of rubber.  The first two fish to see it crushed it.

After we got back I went out and tried again to catch a Cuda.  The second cast I had a nice, 3 footer smash the fly… but it didn’t bite the pointy part… so… I’ll try again tomorrow.

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  1. Bjorn, sounds like a tough day. How about getting tom to post up some pics of that Condom Fly. That looks like a pretty cool pattern. Bonefish Bjorn and Steelhead Tom, sounds like a great day of fishing even if the weather didn’t Co-operate. Good Luck to you on Day #5
    Dinky Fish

  2. hope you catch a cuda. if you do try to take a pic.

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