Harmonic Convergence – Andros 2011

A small miracle has occurred here… I’m not sure who gets the credit for it towards sainthood.  I may be my wife and that would make three in her favor… the first was her marrying me, the second was her making it through a sucky pregnancy to give us our beautiful daughter and this third one involves her signing off on me going on a fishing trip, for a week, to South Andros this coming March (that’s like… only TWO MONTHS AWAY).  I await word from the Catholic Church on the beatification of my wife, although we are not Catholic.

Fractional miracle credit goes to my parents, who are actually available to come down and watch our their granddaughter in my absence, and to the good folks at Deneki Outdoors, who extended the invite as part of FIBFest 2011.

Everything had to align and it did.  Thanks to that, I’ll be headed to Andros Island, fabled land of incredible bonefishing, come late March.

You good folks will get to come along (not literally, of course) and I look forward to the build up.  It is so nice to have something out there to look forward to, to plan, to tie for, to experience and then remember.

I’m lucky and I live with a saint.

FIBFest 2010... which I had to miss.

More details will be emerging in the days to come.


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  1. Congratulations! I/we all look forward to your posts from Andros!

  2. You are in for the TIMES OF YOUR LIVES! I know how you feel. I really do. My wife FOUND Kamalame on North Andros for us and planned our ’09 trip there! We are a couple of lucky dudes for sure.

    Send me your mailing address and I’ll send you what worked for us.


  3. Can——-Not——-Wait.

    Sent an email. Cheers.

  4. Dang, did my “pingback” not come through. Was trying to give props… wish I understood technology.

  5. Oh, it might have. Sometimes those show up in my spam filter and I get soooooooo many spam messages I don’t usually look to see if they are actually spam (because 98% of them are).

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