Photo Session… Andros South Style

It isn’t every day you get to go fish and have a kick ass photographer along for the trip who is going to do nothing more than take pictures.

That was my day.

So… instead of cluttering up things with my words, I’m going to let Cameron’s pictures give you a sense of the day.

Norman picking out the fly... only fly we used all day.

Ready for action

The magic fly for the day.

A tagged bonefish... nice.

Fish on.

Tagging the fish.



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  1. Nice photos and fish. Looks like you are having a great time. What fly is that? I’m tying for Acklin’s Is. in May.

  2. That fly is a fly I tied up… I don’t know that it has a name… basically a reverse gotcha (eyes back, not forward) with orange rubber legs, burnt orange rabbit for the tail and the back has some UV Cure stuff on it. It is a nice looking pattern and we didn’t change flies once.

  3. Told you you tied too many flies! Great pictures, just saw the rest in Facebook. Love the blue fly line. Who makes it?

  4. Bjorn, Loving the Updates, and after seeing Camerons Pictures, what more could a Bone Fish Nut want? Congrats on some great photos and the Hook ups. Keep the updates Flying…

  5. The Joy shot, isn’t that the Echo logo?

  6. It kind of is, isn’t it? Funny. ALMOST fell in doing that.

  7. Heading out here in a few… pulled Josie again… he’s a big fish guy… so, I’m expecting to blow some shots at really nice fish today.

  8. […] Bjorn Stromsness and Cameron Miller – Andros Photo Session […]

  9. Sounds like you’re having a great trip. On a somewhat unrelated topic, how did you deal with your rods on your flights? I will be heading to Andros South mid-April and am concerned with all the carry-on restrictions.

  10. Looks like you’re having no fun at all.

  11. Bjorn, glad your ripping some lips. Nothing like a cold Kalik to cap off a great day! Anything new in the way of a technique or tip that your guides have mentioned?

  12. @Tom, I just bundled the rod tubes together with some cam straps and I was golden. No one ever said anything about it. I had a computer bag and that, so I was well within bounds for carry on. I checked everything else.
    @Glenn, the guides are great, for sure. Most of the advice has been about trout setting… of which I seem to have a 20% that doesn’t want to leave me. I’ve certainly learned a lot, but I’ll have to condense that into a larger post.

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