Five things I hate about you, Bonefish Edition

Yeah… it isn’t all love and hugs and kittens. Still, I couldn’t think of 10 things to hate about bonefish.

  1. You are SO FAR AWAY. I’d like for bonefish to live in the SF Bay… and also for the SF Bay to be just like Andros.
  2. The rash. If you’ve walked the flats in some wet pants… you may be familiar with that rash.

    Trip Saver.

    Trip Saver.

  3. Sunburn. There are a lot of ways to protect yourself from the sun, but if you are as fair skinned as I am it is hard to come out 100% unburned.
  4. The mythology of the 80′ cast. Your shots are about 500% more likely to come at 40′ than 80′ and this sort of “you have to be perfect” myth keeps people from experiencing the beauty of the flats.
  5. Too awesome. Bonefish and bonefishing are too awesome and will ruin you for many types of fishing in many places, places you may have loved, but are much lessened after you visit the flats.

    Nice bone, tagged and ready to go. Photo by Cameron Miller.

    Nice bone, tagged and ready to go. Photo by Cameron Miller.




  1. I agree with all of the above, and in addition, there are a few other things that can be an annoyance: biting insects, stinging jellyfish, stingrays buried under the sand, sharks that get a little too close, and hurricanes. The worst by far is your #5. Not that I’ve tried any drugs, but I tell other flyfisherpeople who have not been, that bonefishing is like crack, once you try it, you will be hooked on it forever. Or maybe it’s like the dark side of the force, once you go bonefishing, forever will it dominate your destiny.

  2. how about “#6 your ability to instantly find the lone mangrove chute on an otherwise barren sand flat”

  3. That rash doesn’t just mess with you on bonefish flats. It will rear its ugly head in other fishy environments as well.

    #6, the fact that I haven’t done it yet myself.

  4. Chris… we’ll have to get you out there.

  5. Hopefully it is one of the bendy mangrove chutes.

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