Flies (and gear) for Belize

Belize… smallest fish of my 2010 trip.

Belize, 88 days away, means I need to get back at the vice and it means different flies than I’d have in my box otherwise.

On the bonefish front, it means small flies. #6’s and #8’s… yes… #8’s. Not only smaller flies than you are likely to fish in the Bahamas, but also adding a weed-guard is a good idea.

For tarpon… well… I do dig on the bunny flies and I could stand a few more lighter colored tarpon bunnies. I’ll likely ties some #1’s for any tarpon I might come across.

Now… this is a trip with my daughter and while our goal is for her to catch a bonefish on a fly (if we end up at a mud, don’t judge me), it is possible we need to throw some gear for fish as well. I’m never really too sure what spinning gear to bring along for maybe catching a bonefish. That isn’t what I’ve been doing. So, might need to seek out some consultation on that front.

How much fly fishing I get to do is really a great unknown. The #1 priority is to keep the girl happy and have a good vacation. That certainly means I’ll fish less than I would like to fish, but there WILL be some fishing.

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  1. Steven Gundersen

    Bjorn, if you would like to discuss bonefish on spinning gear, please email me at steve.gundersen@gmail.com. I have a long experience chasing flats fish with conventional tackle and lots of advice.


    Steve Gundersen

  2. I’ll do that.

  3. Bjorn, I took my girlfriend with me last year to Ambergris Cay. She used pink flats jigs in 1/4 and 3/8 ounce.Travel spinning rod with 15lb. braid and 12lb. flourocarbon leader.Our guide tipped jigs with pieces of shrimp.I also took some split shot and hooks for fishing with bait.My girlfriend caught plenty of fish for her 1st trip flats fishing including Bonefish and A Permit while fishing on her own. She did let me catch my share on the fly. Probably going back again this Summer.

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