Florida, beautiful and imperiled

Eat More Brook Trout is a blog more associated with western trout fishing than with things salty, but he recently put up a series of posts about the ecological issues facing Florida. Since this is a Florida heavy kind of group, I figured I’d share those with you. See what you think.

Purdy... and in trouble.

Purdy… and in trouble.



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  1. Sad that $2 billion Big Sugar industry in FL is controlling the strings in Washington DC, polluting the estuaries when 8 billion is spent on fishing in FL! It’s tough to get all those fishing folk to kick in the payola to get held of the purse strings. What about getting the companies that support FL fishing get together, raise funds, and get fishermen to chip in. ? While B&TT make scientific discoveries they need voices in DC. Do you know of any organizations that can fight big sugar?

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