Full Swing

It may have happened later than usual, but my trip planning and obsession is now in full gear. The workday flew by as I was constantly interrupted by thoughts of the Bahamas and things I might need, either for myself, my wife or my child.

The iPad and charger cable for the flights. The back-up battery pack. Cameras. Chargers. Tripod. Sun gloves. Spare fly line. Backing. The long pliers. Pack of long white socks for wading. Some e-books to read to Anna at bedtime. Some snacks for the flights. Cash. Rain jackets. Anna’s rain jacket. The parental consent form that split custody parents need to take their own child out of the country.

Even with all this thinking I’m bound to forget something.

I’ll have about 600 flies with me… for no good reason. I tied all but 40 of them or so.

I’ll also have some Desitin along. Anyone who has needed it will know why.

Trip Saver.

Trip Saver.

What’s something odd or different that you bring along on a trip?

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  1. Like Desitin, I take either a tube of Fresh Balls or Gold Bond. Essential! I also have to have a neoprene can and bottle coozie.

  2. Might wanna tell us what Desitin is for.

  3. It is for diaper rash. Or as they call it in NZ “nappy rash”. I have had it so bad when wet wading that I could hardly walk. You always see the guys at the Lodge that are walking around bow legged – they are the ones that are afraid to ask re. cure.

  4. Chafing. I take Desitin on all my trips, it can be a trip saver for sure. I also take a small multi-tool that has pliers for fixing things, and a strip of duck-tape rolled onto a small stick for the same reason. On our last trip I also took my very sharp fillet knife so I could prepare a few small jacks or snappers for eating. It was great to have. In a family situation it is also good to have one of those small 8 oz spray cans of Ozium for the bathroom. Don’t forget the small bottle of Aloe for the spots you forget to put sunscreen on.

  5. Bug spray. I got about 100 sand flea bites on my legs on my last trip. I’m still itchy. I thought I was alone with the Desitin. Good to know other people use it too. Although whenever I bring it, I don’t need it.

  6. Not odd or different, just a wise thing to do. Photocopy the photo page of your passports and keep those copies in a place separate from your passport. If you ever lose a passport it’ll really help expedite getting home.

    The South African guides in the Seychelles recommended wearing lycra bicycle shorts under your shorts or trousers when wading. Eliminates the potential need for ointment. For those with an aversion to ointment, that is.

  7. I am very allergic to lycra and neoprene. Anyone else heard of this type of allergy?

  8. Mark is right on the money…a compact roll of Duct Tape is perhaps my #1 “go-to” for flats fishing. It makes a great replacement for “Gators” to strap down your pant legs around your socks to keep debris out. It also comes in very handy mounting camera’s on push poles or any place else on the boat. And most importantly (a tip from marathon runners) works extremely well as a fend-off to forming blisters on your feet when you discover “chafe points” with your footwear! Heck!, I’ve even used it as an ad-hoc replacement for Destin…don’t ask!!!

    I doubdt there’s a NASA space mission that flies without at least one roll of the stuff.


  9. I take the fly that I caught my first bonefish on. I never use it. It just stays in my box, putting good ju-ju on all the unseasoned flys.

  10. I call the place where I’m staying a week before the trip and ask whether they need anything. In the last couple of trips I’ve brought an iPad, beef jerky, coffee, and a washing machine part. I won’t say that this service gets me the best guide every day, but it keeps me from getting the worst guide.

    I also like to bring an anemometer-these are excellent, light and cheap. http://www.hallwindmeter.com/wind.php

  11. As Doug pointed out above, try the shorts. I first learned about them from the Waterworks-Lamson guys. They call them wet/wade shorts- eliminates chaffing.

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