New toys

When I head to the Bahamas I’ll have a few new things to play around with. Several of these things you might be interested in.

First, I’ll be trying out the new RIO Bonefish Quickshooter sent by the good folks at RIO. The normal RIO bonefish line is overweighted .25 line weights, but the quickshooter is .5. The idea is when you are wading you often have shots much closer as you don’t see the fish until they are in that 40′ range. If you have one of those super fast rods, you might not be able to really load the rod well at short ranges. A slightly heavier line will do this better. This is basically the Redfish line in bonefish colors. Looking forward to putting that on the Abel Super 7/8n.

The RIO Quickshooter

The RIO Quickshooter

Next up… did you know you can wear other sunglasses besides Costa?  You can. I’ll be sporting a pair of Revo shades sent by the company for my feedback, love and affection. So far I can tell you they are great for driving to work and back. I’ll let you know how they stand up to the elements/salt.

Revo shades on our handsome model.

Revo shades on our handsome model.

Lastly… are you a member of the GoPro revolution?  I’m not. However, I did pick up a ContourROAM on the cheap from Amazon. The thing is supposed to be waterproof and does many of those GoPro-ish things. I have no idea what I’m doing with this thing, but it should keep me from missing when my dad hooks the guide, which I expect to happen at least twice.

This “action camera” was only $100… making it half the cost of the lowest level of GoPro and 1/4th the cost of the top-of-the-line GoPro. I like cheap and I look forward to seeing just how much I can underutilized this camera.

I'll, like, take some video, maybe?

I’ll, like, take some video, maybe?

I also have some Redington clothes along to test, but I’m too lazy to go put them on for you just for this post, so you’ll have to see me wearing them in pictures from the Bahamas. One pair of pants is a good rival for my beloved Patagonia Guidewater pants… in fact, at a distance you’d be hard pressed to tell them apart and wearing them you’d be challenged to feel the difference (I like them).  I have a couple of new rain jackets for the trip and I hope I don’t need them.


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  1. 100 bucks sounds great, but let’s hope the quality will be good enough.
    (also for non-Radiohead fans, then just turn of audio 😉 )
    I am a GoPro (and Radiohead) fan. Just bought the 3White , which is pretty cheap in the US by the way, and completely love it.
    Love the Redington apparel, just wish the fit would be more sporty, like e.g., Simms. I have a great Redington flats shirt, but the sleeves are just too short and pull with arm movement, which just causes me to not wear it to the tropics…

    really looking forward to your Bonefish Quickshooter findings!

  2. Dooug Jeffries

    Best reason to run a fishing blog: free schwag.

  3. It doesn’t hurt.

  4. I bought one of those Smith Creek Rod Clips. That was a cool new thing. It holds your rod while you’re releasing/boga-ing (sorry) your fish. Worked pretty well. It’s not often you get something that’s actually new to try.

  5. sunglasses. i had a revelation a couple of years ago: pretty much all of the glasses designed for flats fishing are too dark–they allow maybe 12% of available light through to the eye. this causes loss of detail, makes the fish harder to see. currently i am using Oakley Shallow Blue lenses, which allow 21% of the light through, and even these would be better if they had a lighter tint. just sayin…

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