Grand Bahama – Day 4 – The Wind

I could hear the wind last night… it was blowing hard. said the wind today in Freeport was going to be around 17 mph.  The wind on the East End had to be harder.

When I got to the first flat there were waves… waves are not good for sight fishing for bonefish.  The water was churned up and visibility could be measured in inches, not feet.

Second stop and it was just as bad.

Here’s the flat yesterday…

Same flat today…

Oh… that’s not good.

This was going to be a tough, tough day.  Forget that the wind  had to be blowing 25 mph… there was no seeing the fish.

So, what do you do when you are on a fishing trip and the weather doesn’t cooperate?  You go fishing.

I drove as far east as I could and found a beached barge I remembered from my first trip.  Put on a clouser and went in search of something that would eat.

skunk breaker, but no bonefish (a nassau grouper, me thinks)

skunk breaker, but no bonefish (a nassau grouper, me thinks)

Also found a cuda.

Little Cuda

Little Cuda

This guy didn’t like the windy conditions either.

I found a flat that was sheltered and the water was clear… but the fish weren’t there.



I tried a road I had been told about heading to the North side of the island, that would have been sheltered from the wave action that had dirtied the water on the South side… but it was too much for my mico-compact.

Basically, it was not going to be a good bonefishing day.  So, I went to Geneva’s and had some cracked conch and Kalik.

Tomorrow I fly out, but not until 2:00, so I have some time to try for bones in the AM.  If the wind isn’t as bad (and it isn’t supposed to be as bad tomorrow) I might have a shot.  The temps are supposed to be cooler, but, you go fishing when you can, not only when everything is perfect.

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  1. Yes ! I know about the wind and fly fishing all too well.

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