I Love Crack(ed Conch)

Bonefish live in lots of places with lots of interesting things to eat and drink.  In the case of the Bahamas, one thing you’ll find in great supply is Conch (pronounced “konk”). Conch is, as you probably know, a really big mollusk with firm, white meat.  There are Conch Fritters and Conch Chowder and Cracked Conch and Conch Conch and, well, you get the idea.

On my upcoming trip I don’t plan on eating out too much (think Ritz Crackers and Peanut Butter).  One thing I am looking forward to is at least one night of Cracked Conch.  Cracked Conch is basically like clam strips, but made with conch.  It is super yummy and will be washed down by a nice cold Kalik beer.

Bahamian Cuisine

Cracked Conch

Ingredients: 1 ½ lb. conch, 1 oz. lemon juice, 2oz. flour, 3 eggs

Method : Cut the conch in half horizontally and tenderize. Marinate the conch in the lemon juice for ½ hour. Beat the eggs and dip the conch in the flour, egg wash and finally dip again into the flour. Deep fry. Serves 4.

Pretty simple… and simply delicious.

Post Cracked

Pre-Cracked... kind of pretty, really.

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  1. My two word endorsement: Hell Yeah.

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