Hand Feeding Bonefish

OK, the overall show might not be my thing, but how cool would it be to hand feed some bonefish?  Fast forward to about 13:15 for that. This is in Exuma (bonus is the swimming pigs).



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  1. I recall watching in amazement as beach folks at the Barcelo Maya resort on the Mayan Riviera were standing in knee deep water directly in front of the resort…feeding a school of 2 – 6 lb Permit…”Fruit Loops” cerial of all things. These fish were totally unafraid of the people as they swam between and around their legs actuall taking the cerial from their hands…DOH!!!

  2. Bjorn, better get busy tying those “Bread Flies” …. 🙂

  3. We have the same attraction here in Waikiki. There is a skinny concrete jetty just 300 yards east of the Zoo entrance, within a Marine Protected/no fishing zone, and there is a resident school of big bonefish there, some over 10 pounds, that will take squid or fishcake right from my hand. Water is only waist deep, so its an excellant spot to take underwater pics of bonefish and many other species. Many folks throw food from the jetty also, to inspire boiling schools of fish.
    Marine scientists are not keen on feeding of wild fish, but it is done here daily. I take my bonefishing clients there just to get them used to spotting bonefish underwater.
    Tightlines, Louie

  4. I have some hilarious video of feeding the tarpon at Robbie’s Marina. It’s really campy and sort of tacky but fun to see those huge tarpon just sitting there watching and waiting for someone to hang a pilchard over the water. It gets very entertaining when a school of big jack crevalle show up and out hustle the tarpon.

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