Oct 12

Hand Feeding Bonefish

OK, the overall show might not be my thing, but how cool would it be to hand feed some bonefish?  Fast forward to about 13:15 for that. This is in Exuma (bonus is the swimming pigs).



Feb 12

Skills with the Conch

This guys is pretty good with his knife.  Benihana’s, Exuma style.


Dec 11

I might not release this particular catch

Mmmmm….. bacon….

Apr 11

Exuma goodness by the Bone Lake Country Living Blog

Exuma, Bahamas, June 2010. It was our first trip to the island and definitely not our last. When my husband, Todd, asked me how I would like to celebrate my 40th birthday I told him, “Saltwater fly fishing of course!” He asked me “Where?” so I suggested we try the Bahamas since we had yet to fly fish there. It did not disappoint

via Bone Lake Country Living: One More Sweet Song.

I can’t wait to turn 40 so I can get a trip like this.

Aug 10

Bonefishing in Exuma

OK, it is the very definition of marketing, but I still want to go.

If you want to catch one of those silvery fish called bonefish (also called phantom or gray ghost), and most everyone does when they come to Exuma, there are more wadeable flats here than anywhere else in the Out Islands. Bonefish average about 4 or 5 pounds but it is not uncommon to land a big 10 pounder. They are, pound for pound, probably the strongest and fastest running salt-water fish and highly sought-after by anglers.

via Bonefishing in Exuma : Great Exuma, Bahamas | Vacation Rentals.

Aug 10

The Future is Not Plastics

Every time I see a plastic bag or bottle, I think of that whale skeleton at Warderick Wells Cay in the Bahamas’ Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. From a distance, the skeleton looks a little bit like someone misplaced half a brontosaurus on the beach. The 52-foot sperm whale washed ashore in 1995 after it died from — no suspense here — ingesting plastic garbage.

via The Nature Conservancy in the Bahamas – Whale and Plastics.

It seems a little drastic to say if you put your six pack of Newcastle Brown Ale (yummmm) in a plastic bag means you are killing a whale, granted.  Still, it’s a pretty easy step to take to bring those re-usable bags with you and you’ll look all hip and green (a greenster?).

I think back to my last trip in Grand Bahama and the amount of trash on the beach I frequented most (I could tell you the name of the beach but others would likely kill ME, and that would really get in the way of planning my next trip).   There was a lot of trash… bags, bottles, scraps from this thing or that.  Sure, some of it came from the good residents of GBI, but some of it came from parts further East… and I don’t mean Cuba.

So, ditch the plastic bags (although I need some to pick up after my very regular dog, Lassen).  The move to reusable might just make your next flats fishing experience a little less trashy.

My one reason to have a couple of plastic bags around.

Jul 10

Lots and lots of bonefish

Now, that’s just a mess of bonefish… chillax’n… which is odd given the proximity of the shark that swims by.  This is in Exuma.

Jun 10

How to land a bonefish

Saw this on Youtube and had to  pass it along… this is exactly how you land a bonefish… kind of… well, it got the job done in the end, at least.

Luckily, she didn’t break the rod. When you slide your hand up the rod, you are greatly reducing the ability of the rod to absorb the stress of the fish.  More than one angler has seen their rod snap when they shorten their rod like that.

The clip though… that’s just pure awesomeness.  Glad someone didn’t take themselves too seriously and shared that clip.

That’s sans  guide out in Exuma.

Jun 10

Bonefish in Exuma Vid

The good news is that if the guy casting in this video can catch a bonefish, you can too.

Mar 10

Tag Ends – 3/24/10

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