Lots and lots of bonefish

Now, that’s just a mess of bonefish… chillax’n… which is odd given the proximity of the shark that swims by.  This is in Exuma.

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  1. A mess of bonefish indeed! Wow.

    That’s got me thinking about my January trip this winter — still trying to decide where to go…

    Any suggestions, Bjorn?

  2. bonefishbjorn

    Well, I actually can say something about the Bahamas in January… last year it was a little cool, but, last year was jacked up in terms of January weather with temps down in the 50’s at one point in Abaco and in the 60’s where I went in Grand Bahama… but, it isn’t always so. Usually a bit nicer and the further South you go, the better the temps are bound to be.

    For DIY, I’d check out Winterhaven on Long or Salina Point Lodge on Acklins, for a cheapness.

    Of course, there are dozens and dozens of other places to try out… none of which I’ve actually been to… yet.

  3. bonefishbjorn

    Oh, I have LOTS of suggestions, but my advice is kind of like the shoreline a couple hours into the outgoing… a little wet, but not much water. I’d start with budget and if you want a lodge experience, fully guided fishing, semi-guided fishing or DIY. Filling in column A and B should narrow your options quickly. In general I’d love to fish Exuma, Abaco, Crooked or Long, the last two especially if I were looking at a DIY. for a cheap lodge experience I’d probably look at Belize or Mexico and for a more classical lodge/big bone experience I’d probably look at Andros South or one of the other lodges down there. Oh… so many places to go.

  4. Yeah I suspect it will be more of a lazy DIY trip and I have to be a little careful since the GF will be along (she doesn’t fish though often happy to just relax while I do, thankfully!). I won’t be able to really do the sun-up to sun-down thing every day….

    I’m very interested in the Bahamas but I’m wondering if it will be a hard sell since the temps there are supposed to be a little low in Jan — at least that’s my understanding…

    I did a Belize DIY last year which was great though the weather was a little screwy — we got a big cold front that pushed weather down (the one that knocked out a lot of crops in FL actually). I would definitely go back to Belize again though I’m thinking some place different might be fun just for the change of pace…

  5. All good suggestions. Though I was just doing some more reading up on Eleuthera and the accessibility looks fantastic — lots of wadeable flats if you have a car, a nice laid-back atmosphere, great beaches for the GF… Very tempting!

  6. bonefishbjorn

    Ya know, I’ve kind of been put off Eleuthera by friends that have gone there. I’ve been told that the fish there have been a bit overeducated by the DIYers who have hit the island and the more popular flats hard over the years. There are some decent options, Cattaraugus Creek (https://bonefishonthebrain.com/2009/12/25/cattaraugus-creek-outfitters-value/) does a DIY Plus option where they’ll help you figure out where to go to find some fish that have a bit less of an education. There are some direct flights, which is nice. Certainly a lot of island to explore.

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