I just got this photo from Cuba taken by Matt Hansen.  I know exactly what happened here and I think this picture pretty much sums it up.

We were pushing through the back country looking for bones and we had just emerged into a little lagoon.  Off to the left flashed an impossibly large bonefish tail. I made the cast right on its nose and it ate almost immediately. It went streaking across the lagoon, pulling off 100 or so feet of line and then it took a slight left detour, brushing up against the clump of mangrove right below where my rod tip is.  The fish came off.  This fish was my immediate reaction to losing the fish.

It probably would have been my biggest bonefish ever.  That tail haunts me.



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  1. David de Luca

    DOH !!!!

  2. You will always remember the one that got away and surely forget most of the ones released.

  3. We SWFF anglers are a strange bunch. Six seconds with a big bonefish on the line; and we’re hopelessly devistated at the loss. But then, when we manage 6 seconds with a big Tarpon at the end of our string; we’re hooting, hollering and handing out High-fives!


  4. Bob MacKissock

    True! How about a few words on gear. line, fly, rod, etc. Keep it simple.


    CSM Mac

  5. Ouch !! I know that feeling

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