Here’s an interesting thought… Bonefish on a Dry Fly

I was reading a paper by Dr. Alan Friedlander (out in Hawaii, has been studying bonefish around the Pacific, has a tagging program in Hawaii) about the bonefish in Palmyra and this sentence caught my attention…

The remainder of the prey items consisted of various crustaceans (e.g., shrimp, isopods) and polychaete worms, with a few small fishes and one terrestrial beetle.

Let that thought sink in for a bit.  Bonefish.  Beetle.

The odds are not with you.  It is a one in a million shot.  Still… marinate on it for a while.

It would be cool.

Beetle Fly


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  1. Hey Bjorn!,

    On Eleuthera Bahama’s there are on occasion some absolutely tremendous Termite hatches after the first few heavy thunder showers in the spring. I once saw a few bones eating Termites off the surface after such a massive hatch. These weren’t individual insects they were eating…the were slurping in “mouthfulls” from massive windrows on the Carribean side of the island.

    Fishing sucked that day!


  2. That is awesome… next time have your termite patterns ready!

  3. They once said that steelhead could not be taken on a dry fly…

  4. True. I’d have to get awfully bored of catching bones to try a beetle though. All I can do is just try to catch as many as it takes for me to get to that point, I suppose.

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