I had a dream

Oddly, the dream was about tarpon and not about bonefish, but the salt has clearly seeped into my head. Good thing I get on a flight tomorrow night and head off to the Bahamas where I’ll get a good soaking.

In the dream I got an eat from a nice tarpon in shallow water, but the hook didn’t find purchase, which is mostly how I tarpon fish anyway.

Next week it will be about bonefish and exploring and having an adventure. I can’t tell you what it will be beyond that, as the experiences are yet to be lived.

What I can tell you is having a trip on the books makes me feel alive.

I’m ready.

There are the flies I'm bringing. I'm not tying anything else.

There are the flies I’m bringing. I’m not tying anything else.

A little something for our host at Abaco Lodge.

El Dorado 12

The only thing I don’t have is a sat phone. Wish I would have thought to look into renting a week or so earlier.

Something for the next adventure, maybe.

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  1. Good plan. How are you getting the rum to Abaco? Do you have a reinforced box or something? Obviously has to go into checked baggage, right? I’ve been thinking about ways to best bring a bottle of courage along on trips.

  2. At this point, I’m not totally sure. The plan, as it stands right now is to put it in bubble wrap and close it in a dry bag and put it in my checked baggage. I think that will work. I know I am permitted to bring 2 bottles of booze along, so I’m hoping that works.

  3. East Coast Flyfisherman

    Plastic Coca-Cola bottles have worked for me as well.

    Hope you have great weather and a great trip, Bjorn!

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