I kinda want to do that last post again today

Really, I’m not lazy… but it was just really interesting to see where folks are making an effort to get to in terms of bonefish destinations.

It isn’t too late… if you haven’t taken the poll, you can do that just below.

Here are some things I found surprising looking at the results…

  • Andros was a pretty good winner at 18 people saying that is a place they are trying to get to.  I’m headed there in ONE MONTH, so I’m excited.
  • Belize was second, with 16.  I was just there in November and I can understand why folks want to go there.  What a special place and the diversity of species there is fantastic.
  • There was a tie for third between Florida, Mexico and the Seychelles… Florida… our good old American favorite came in Third with 13… I just thought there would be way more folks looking to fish Florida… Mexico is understandable, but to see the Seychelles up so high… that’s a place that is hard and expensive to get to.  Nice.
  • Cuba came in with 12, meaning we either have a lot of Canadians (or other non-Americans) or a bunch of criminals! (kidding)
  • Hawaii has been in all the magazines for a while now and has really been catching on as a destination, but only 7 of the 170 votes were looking to head to Hawaii.
  • No one in the poll was looking to go to Australia.  I’ll tell you, looking at that True Blue Bones site has me at least thinking about it… but the flight is LONG and $$$ and maybe that’s why it showed up with a goose egg in this very limited poll.
  • Bimini also had a goose egg, despite the new lodge out there that has gotten a lot of ink lately.
  • If you added up all the places in the Bahamas you have about 45 trips being planned or plotted, which all of a sudden crushes all other destinations.  In real life I think FL wins, but with this group… you folks want to go to the Bahamas.

It isn’t too late.  If you haven’t taken the poll, please do so.  I can’t wait to see where this all ends up.

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  1. I posted Exmouth, WA which is West Australia.

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