South South Andros – Fishing Day 2

Today… it was a tougher weather day, but still had two perfect moments.  I was paired up with guide Josie and Andros South (and Deneki Outdoors) owner, Andrew Bennett.  So, I knew I was going to have to reduce the number of botched jobs today.

Andrew Bennet, hooked up.

We went down south, which turns out is a very, very bumpy ride.  It is totally worth it though.

When we got where Josie wanted to go we set up.  Andrew gave me the bow first and I stepped up.  Soon Josie called out “Bonefish, 11 O’Clock, 60 feet” and I got to work.  Oddly, I delivered on the very first cast of the day. 60′. Right in front of the fish.  It ate on the first strip.  I didn’t get a picture of that fish but it was a nice 2-3 pound fish or so.  Andrew was then up and so were the clouds.

Clouds… I know we kind of need them, but I wish there were fewer of them around… really.  They turned the lights out on the flats for large periods of time today, which was kind of a bummer.

We reeled in and headed off to find better fishing grounds.  After a short run we stopped to see if we could see any more fish.  A school happened to be about 100′ off the boat.  Now… this was not a little school of fish.  Josie estimated it was about 10,000 fish.  TEN THOUSAND BONEFISH!

Yeah… I love this place.

I got out and started wading with just my bare feet.  White sand bottom, 10K bones in front of me… this does not suck.  I caught up to the school and cast into it and quickly caught a little 2 pounder.  I managed to pull it out of the school so it didn’t spook the rest of the fish.

I cast right back into that school and pulled out a nicer fish.  It had me in my backing a couple of times and was just beautiful.

photo credit – Andrew Bennett

The first fish and the big school… two perfect moments.

I didn’t catch a lot today, but I experienced a really beautiful place and I got to fish with Andrew, something I’ve wanted to do for a while now.  A good, solid time was had by all and now… now I’m going to the Slack Tide… yeah… I know… I suck.

I kind of love this place.

PS – I have fished my new Rise 8 wt. for the past two days, with shark fishing taken over by the Redington 10 wt..  I am liking what I’m seeing from both.

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  1. We can help you out with the bumpy ride problem.
    A credit card will be fine… Find those Andros double digits!

  2. Hal, I’ll bet you could! I haven’t had the privilege of fishing in one of your boats, but I understand them to be wonderful.

  3. Excellent write up of day 2, 10k in Bones urgggg, wishing we were there. I 2nd Hal’s comment, Put the Smack Down on the Double Digits today already will ya…Keep the write ups coming.

  4. Excellent write up. I’m also glad to hear that someone is getting out to do a little shark fishing. I thought it was excellent when I was there. Hopefully, you’re going to get a chance to cast to some cudas on a fly while wading too. That’s a kick! I want pictures of sharks! Can’t wait to hear your impression of Green Turtle Creek. What an amazing place. That’s a good one to go visit on your Torrie day.

  5. Sadly, Torrie is off this week! So much water down here… sooooo much…

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