I like Cuban sandwiches…

So, we can trade with China, but we restrict who can go to Cuba… like, little Cuba… I don’t get that.  You Canadians and Brits are lucky… at least on this… oh, and your health care and sensible gun control laws.


Yeah, I think the time has come.

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  1. I have a guide friend who fish Cuba every year. Easy to do, as you know. Simply go to Mexico (or an island)), and travel via there. They do not stamp your passport. Rather, a separate piece of paper is used. The Italians seem to rule the salt fly fishing.

    Oh, the trip is a little chancy. Fines still begin at $7500, and go up. Thus, my fishing partner(s) won’t go.

    But, all is not lost…I figure the ban will be repealed within two years

  2. Barbless hooks and bonefish: I haven’t used a barbed hook for bonefish for 20 years or so. Not necessary. Not at all.
    I did an experiment on Christmas Island a few years ago. There was a pile of bones that were lazying around. I caught one, and let the line go slack . Nothing happened. I tightened up, and did it again, let it go slack. Same. So I landed the fish, and tried the same thing on another. Same result. only this guy was swimming at angles, as I did the usual, especially when the smelts are coming in — fought him from the opposite side — he goes left, I go right. He goes right…

    Again, I figure the rare chance of losing a fish is well worth it for fish and angler. Provides a quicker and smoother, less harmful release. — from fish, and fisher and guides ears, also.

    Final verse…more than one angler I know believes that a hook up is often penetrates easier without a barb. Not sure about that one.

    Final, final — and you know this, also. Barbing a hook is best done straight on point to back, with pliers or vise, vs coming from the side of the hook, which can weaken it.

    I believe most of what I just wrote is true. However, I take all opinions somewhat seriously.

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