If I had to choose

I’m sitting here talking to my father-in-law about the steelhead pictures on the walls here at house. We got to talking about the Babine River, the family connection there, the hole named after my grandfather, my one trip there to fish that hole, my daughter’s middle name being Babine, my dad’s 25 pound steelhead caught there and the high likelihood I won’t return.

Steelhead are awesome fish and the Babine is spectacular. They are amazing. So strong. So beautiful.

Not a bad fish.

Not a bad fish.

But… the salt is in my skin. I can’t rinse it out with all the steelhead water in the world.

There is just something about the salt, the shallow, clear water… the stalking of the fish, the raw power of the bones… that’s what I think of now. That’s what’s on my mind.

Maybe I’ll come back around to the steelhead. Maybe I’ll feel the pull in the years to come.

bonefishing andros 2011 Bjorn SWC shirtThis is what I’m thinking of now. This is my paradise.



  1. Man can not live without salt.

  2. Grew up in Cape Town(Africa), emigrated to Canada and have chased Steelhead for 18 years now – thought I was a “steelheader” – but I can’t get the salt out of my blood!!!!
    Would rather be in the surf tripping over coral and chasing GTs, ocean side bones, triggers ect
    Gavin Grapes aka “speydoc”

  3. It really does get under your skin.

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